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Rustic Portuguese Tiles

Hand Rolled Ceramic Reproduction - 1
Hand Rolled Ceramic Reproduction - 2
Hand Rolled Ceramic Reproduction - 3
Hand Rolled Ceramic Reproduction - 4
Hand Rolled Ceramic Reproduction - 5
Border Tiles - 1
Border Tiles - 2
Border Tiles - 3


 All our tiles are custom hand painted in Portugal

Whether they are used indoors around fireplaces, on kitchens, bathrooms, floors or outdoors on walls, house signs, fountains, or pools, tiles can be one of the most exciting features in home design.

From traditional blue and white decorative tiles to elaborately hand made and hand painted tiles, the variety and availability of this versatile decorating element is greater than ever.

At Sintra Antique Tiles, we pride ourselves for bringing this very exquisite european tradition, to our clients in North America. We have put together a collection ranging from well priced, good quality hand painted tiles, our azul collection, to hand made and hand painted period reproduction tiles. Many are available directly from our stocks in South Florida, requiring no waiting time.

We invite you to browse and decide, or be original and send us your own creation. We can faithfully reproduce it and produce it in large quantities within three to six weeks.

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